5 New Features For Gmail Users

Using Gmail everyday? Google will start rolling out new features next week which will enhance the experience of the service for its users and makes it more convenient.

  1. Snooze with a new look– This feature will now have two highly-requested snooze times that is ‘Later this week’ and ‘This weekend’. SnoozeSecondly, along with morning time you can you can set the weekend days too.


2. Rich Text Formatting– For Android mobile users, Google has now brought in rich text formatting feature which will allow you to add bold, italic, underlined, colored and highlighted text to your email from the app itself.


3. Instant RSVPs– Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange, calendar invitations now include a one-tap option to show your schedule and respond.


4. Gmailify– Using this feature means if you want to use Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/Outlook, you now have the option to Gmailify your inbox. It links your existing account to Gmail so that you get all the bells and whistles—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail—without having to leave your current address behind, said Google in its official blogpost.

All you will have to do is enable the feature from the app.

5. TLS encryption– With this feature, Gmail will now automatically encrypt your incoming and outgoing emails if it can. But the catch is that to avail the feature completely and ensure security fully all the email servers need to do it. The tech giant says that starting this week in Gmail on the web, you’ll see two changes that highlight any affected messages.

Unencrypted Message

Unauthenticated Avatar Image_FINAL

Emails which cant be authenticated will have a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo, corporate logo, or avatar.

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