5 Great Photo Apps for iOS

Yesterday we covered 5 Great Photo Apps for Android. We got many requests from iOS users to make a similar list for photo apps. So here goes our recommendations for iOS users.

iOS iPhoto1. iPhoto (Rs 270)

Apples own homegrown app iPhoto seems to have a home base advantage here. The app has been around in its OSX avatar for some time now and is a favourite with mac users. With the mobile version comes enhanced gesture control and multi-touch editing functions. Features like ‘Face-Aware Crop’ tool make sure that your family and  friends remain in the picture when you crop them. It has the standard set of editing functions that is generally found in most editing apps. Another great function of the app is that, it acts as a good browser and organizer for images. The app also comes with iCloud integration making the images available across all apple platforms. Get the app here .

2. Adobe Photoshop Touch (Rs 270)

iOS Photoshop TouchThe new app from the Adobe stable has been priced competitively along with its counterpart from apple. After a short wait Adobe has decided to launch the iOS version of its much anticipated photo editing app. As far as the functionality and features are concerned there is nothing new or different compared to the Android version. It supports advance features like  export to various file formats such as PSD and PNG via camera images or email. There are a bunch of effects and tutorial available in app for easy and quick editing. Even Though a lot of users have reported bugs, Adobe should be out soon with some fixes. This app seems to be a good buy only if you want more features than those available in the free apps. There is also support for synchronization with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Get the app here.

3. Cycloramic (Rs 55)iOS Cycloramic

The next time you want to take a panoramic photograph give Cycloramic a try. All a user has to do is place your iPhone in an upright position on a smooth and level surface and press GO and voila the camera takes the panoramic photo for you. The app works by using the vibration hardware of the phone to rotate the device using a particular vibration pattern. The device will  then automatically rotate 360 degrees while taking multiple pictures. the pictures are then stitched together and displayed in the viewer in-app. This app is great fun to use, give it a try.
Get it here.

iOS Camera+4. Camera+ (Rs 55)

Camera+ is considered to be on of the best  third party camera and editing apps for the iOS. The app has a very simple and easy-to-use UI making it a favourite among many. The shooting part of the app comes with a lot of function like Grid, 6x digital zoom, stabilizer and many more. It also allows us to use the volume buttons as the shutter release button making it very ergonomiiOS Photoshop Expressc and easy to use. The stabilizer function automatically takes a picture by detecting when you hand is most stable. The editing part comes with the standard set of editing functions and effects. The Lightbox section of the app can be used to browse through the images and view the EXIF data.
You can get the app here.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editing application for the iOS platform. It comes with the standard set of editing options like picture control, cropping, colour tweaking. There are also option for adding effects and borders to the pictures. The interface is clean and easy to use and the added functionality of multi touch editing make it very likeable. Get the app here.

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