5 interview mistakes you should never make

It took me 9 interviews to land my first job in the tech industry.

Here are 5 interview mistakes I made that delayed my wins…

1. Lack of confidence

Your lack of confidence will be visible from a mile away.

So, to be confident…

Over prepare for the interview.

– Have a variety of examples from current job
– Know how to convey your answers
– Research the company
– Be a confident listener

It’s time for the interview.

Greet interviewer:

– Make good eye contact
– Firm handshake
– Be polite

It’s normal to feel nervous before and during an interview.

Meke sure you do this…

TIP: Write bullet points to expand upon.

Keep these with you throughout.

Aim to memorize them.

And skyrocket your confidence by 5x.

2. Work examples

As I mentioned earlier.

You should over prepare.

Why is this important?

Have more examples than you’ll ever need at your disposal.

Cover all angles…

– Weaknesses (how have you improved them)
– Failures (how you learned from them)
– Problem solving skills
– Achievements
– Team work
– Strengths

Repetition is key. Practice.

Say them out loud to a family member or friend.

And use feedback to refine where necessary.

3. Talking too much

Do you continue talking beyond answering the question?

Because you think you haven’t answered the question well enough.

The problem is…

You don’t have a framework.

PRO tip.

When you answer any typical competency-based interview questions…

Use the STAR technique:

1. Situation – Describe the situation and the time it occurred

2. Task – Explain the task. What was the goal.

3. Action – Describe the actions taken to achieve the goal

4. Result – Close with the result of your action

I wish I’d knew about this framework sooner.

Would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Break down each section using STAR. And It’ll give structure to your answers.

4. Over exaggerated achievements

Exaggeration creates false expectations.

We’ve all done it.

Overemphasized skills.

But be warned. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t back up your claims.

3 possible signs:

– Focus too much on group accomplishments
– It’s all in your body language
– Overstated a given skill

The issue here is.

You can write anything you like on your resume.

But it’s the interview that counts.

And there’s another problem…

A test.

If you’re tested on a set of skills you claim to be a “ninja” on.

But then you flop it.

It’s crystal clear you were dishonest.

5. Failure to close

It’s not about you. It’s about what you can do for them.

I’ve fallen into the trap talking about…

“How I would love to join”

“Why you should hire me”

In any part of the interview. As soon as you get the chance.

Sell yourself the right way…

– How your set of skills will bring the company value
– What changes do you expect to bring

At the end of an interview.

You’ll hear…

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Damn right you do.

This is your chance to learn more about the company.

And show your desire.

Prepare ahead. Ask clear questions.

Here are 4 examples:

– What are your expectations for me in this role?
– Does this role offer growth and development opportunities?
– What are the most important values for this company?
– How does this company define and measure success?

It’s your final opportunity to prove you’re the right candidate for the job.

The last thing you want to say is…

“No I don’t have any questions”.

(awkward silence)

So, assemble questions in advance and show you’ve researched the company.

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