Happy Birthday Sachin! What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Legend


Happy Birthday Sachin! What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Legend

As the master blaster turns 41 on Thursday, we are reminded of a saga of true sportsmanship, humility and innumerable number of records in the world of cricket.But it doesn’t end here, only to start a new venture of an entrepreneurial sports journey. The star player is co-owning the Mumbai franchise of the Indian Tennis Premier League and also the Kochi team of the much hyped Indian super league (his Smaaash & Sports Management Firm Techfront Recently Raised Funding).

1. Started with two ducks: Sachin started his ODI career with two ducks, and later became the best batsman in the world of cricket. He struggled during his initial test matches but later on figured how to make things happen.

Lesson: So Entrepreneurs, it’s okay to have a few ducks here and there [read : The Ugly First Versions of Successful Products].

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

2. Holiday with family is a distant dream: .“He hasn’t spent Diwali at home since we got married. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s Diwali… any time he spends at home is great!” – Anjali, his wife was quoted as saying.

Lesson: Rings that guilty feeling? Worry not – everybody goes through this! This is not really a lesson, but a comfort feeling (make sure that your better half is not reading this!).

Sachin Tendulkar Stamp
Sachin Tendulkar Stamp

3. He gave up the CEO designation early: When Sachin realised that his batting was getting affected due to his responsibilities as a captain, he was smart enough to give up the title and focus purely on his game.

Question : How many startup founders are willing to give up the CEO role, especially when they know that they lack the skill sets?

4. Passion never ceases: Inspite of retirement, Sachin is still very much part of the gaming fraternity. Apart from cricket, he has also started hosting games in football and tennis.

Question : Why don’t we have many serial entrepreneurs in India? Why do they become VCs and not get back in the ring again?

5. Persistence: Even when the batting pitch was difficult, like during Shane Warne’s test debut in Sydney, Sachin strategised and kept his game on when no others could survive. He scored a massive 148 when many others scored single digits.

Lesson: When you don’t have competitive advantage, don’t compete [Warren Buffet]

Every time the cricketer goes to bat, cricket fans across the globe realise that miracles happen. Now waiting for Sachin’s miracles in Indian football and tennis!

Happy birthday Sachin!

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