5 Secrets a Newbie Entrepreneur Likes to Hush

An unofficial chat with a few entrepreneurs, fairly young at their ventures, revealed a few facts. Some, that could be described online, are listed below:

1. Your true motivation: It could range from honouring your dad’s wish to getting back at your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/both, from wanting to make big bucks to a journey of self-discovery, from naming a country after you to wearing shorts to office, sometimes even to meet Mark Zuckerberg.( oops, I guess I spilled out mine ! ) Reportedly, the closer you hold your true reason, the more your drive and the passion to succeed.

The Entrepreneur
The Entrepreneur

2. How much is your staff getting paid? Your employee’s salary, in certain ways, is a clear indication of your start-up’s present financial status. A few feel that their pride is at stake while disclosing the amount, some do not want the competition to know and most importantly no one wants to be judged!

3. There is always a plan B: When you commit to a business, you want the world and your inner self to believe that everything is going to pan out well. But somewhere inside your self, there is a cautious “you”, who is charting out a back-up plan in case your worst fear comes true.It could be even an additional source of income or a side gig while you crusade through your dream venture.

4. The monthly bank statement: While a few entrepreneurs feel they need booze ( sleeping pills or even weed!) to go through their monthly bank statement, some believe faith in the bigger picture gets them going. Unfortunately, if you are with a friend at the ATM while checking your balance , the misery is more.

5. It hurts real bad when your competitor makes progress: Even though the plan is to overcome hurdles and reach your destination, it stings when your competition makes progress. You are forced to come to a moment of self-evaluation and comparisons. Uff!

At the end of the day it’s all part of the journey you have undertaken. So keep going!

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