5 simple rules to be a successful salesman : Be friendly with your competitor.

Being an Assistant Manager in the reputed organization for two years and an avid follower of my reporting manager I learned 5 practical things which I would like to share with you in this post.
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1.Read a lot about business
It’s not only about your own domain we should learn what is happening in and around the industry.
Only if we learn words we speak or write else we can’t communicate our desires it can be any language except deaf-mute.
In the same way only if we know about their business we can build or extend the conversation with decision makers which could help us to move a little bit closer.
Knowing industry happenings will also help us to adopt contemporary strategies in sales.
I read more business news on Economic times and Business Insider and share the domain related important web links with my colleagues this given me a reliable image.
If you appear knowledgeable before your client you will get a thought leader image which helps to save your leads falling to your competitor’s funnel.
2.Influence your subconscious mind
You might have heard of sales or business manager sitting in an AC room advising you in every sales meeting that you must change your mindset to achieve your target.
Though they say in business interest the fact is, it works when we practice it with belief.
Don’t confuse it with psychology it’s not about reading others but about you.
All salesman should know how to decree their subconscious mind in a positive way.
It is an art we should practice. You will believe me, by controlling or guiding our subconscious mind we can hypnotize the decision makers.
But you should believe it will happen.
If you strongly believe you can achieve the given target then nature will automatically bring you more convertible leads than ever. Yes, it will happen, believe me.
I may sound like a priest in a church but it’s true.
Believe, the person who told I call you back will make a call, the person who said no after negotiation will agree with your rate and believe you will close the deal.
Before meeting the customer speak to yourself he will accept the deal and then go.
If you want to know more about how the change in mindset will change your career read this book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind*” written by Dr.Joseph Murphy you will appreciate it for sure.
3.Be friendly with your competitor.
The sales executive will be the primary suspect if any of your company secret’s got leaked to your competitor.
This scenario happened in my organization also whenever it happens management suspects all the sales executives without any discrimination. But at the same time, my management encourages everyone to maintain a close relationship with competitors (not to reveal confidential).
During my appraisal, I was asked to list out how many competitor’s executives I know based on this they did evaluate how deep I am into the market.
Maintaining a good relationship with competitors will make you popular. Whenever your competitors hear your company name your name will hit their mind.
This will also help you to find how they think and their decision capability may be some time if you are lucky enough you get the number they quoted.
Making your name popular in the market is an added advantage to close more sales.
4.Use modern Tools
Modern tools mean not a complex software but simple apps to ease down your work.
There are more than 100+ free sales and marketing tools available online to track and measure your performance.
By using those tools, you can automate your work which ultimately saves your energy and time which could be used for new client acquisitions also improved customer service.
I am suggesting you do smart work rather than Hard work.
5.Relax don’t worry
Though stress exists in other functions they are seasonal but in sales it is constant. Throughout the month, you must run behind the numbers still 31st and again on 1st you must start chasing the numbers.
The main reason behind this much pressure is, there is a direct measurement of your performance. If you achieve the target means you are working but If you are not meeting the target then you are not doing anything management won’t count your efforts.
Most sales executives will agree with me.
Under the influence of stress, we cannot achieve anything, we need to learn how to handle it.
Doing regular exercise, reading books, listening to songs, drinking more water to keep the brain fresh, enough sleep, laughter therapy will help us to reduce the stress.
Management will accept the apologize if a programmer fails to keep up with the commitment but not salesman’s. Here commitment is commitment.
It is the fear of job that makes sales executive be nervous if he doesn’t achieve the target. But it’s okay need not worry there is always a huge number of openings for a sales executive in the market irrespective of the product.
Remember one thing in the share of wallet or in market share if your competitor is doing better they need more skilled sales executives to manage those accounts so even if your company fires you get a chance to work with the market leader. Relax don’t worry.
Despite your efforts, if you are not meeting the numbers then either you are working in a bad company or the market is not ready for the product. It’s not your mistake.
Being in sales domain these are the five important points I realized or learned. If you contradict or want to add some more please comment down.
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