5 time management techniques

What’s expected from you and what you actually want to do are not always the same. 

Yes, we’ve all been there!

So how does one manage time efficiently to achieve what matters to us while attending to your responsibilities?

How to take control of your schedule? 

The easy answer is to use a calendar. But there are some rules around using a calendar effectively.

Everything goes in there.

Work-related – personal meetings – calls to friends – dinner parties – All goes into your calendar.

Make time for the things that matter.

At the start of the week, ensure you make some time for the key goals you’re working towards. 

Say “no” to unimportant tasks.

If something is unimportant and not related to your current goals, say no or ask to postpone it.

Time management is not just about managing your calendar. 

Time management is an all-encompassing activity that involves your energy levels, relationships, and much more.

5 time management techniques

Get enough sleep. 

Sleep deprivation negatively affects your performance. 

You’ll find it harder to focus and harder to switch between tasks if you haven’t had your quota of sleep. So, don’t compromise on your sleep.

Plan ahead.

By planning and committing to doing certain things, you are more likely to do them.

Avoid multitasking.

Pick a task and stay focused. If you keep switching between tasks, it has a terrible effect on your attention.

Create mindful routines.

Schedule your time as per your most productive time. Plan your most important tasks to be done when you’re at your highest performance levels.

Take breaks.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Spend some time alone, go take a walk, meditate—whatever rocks your boat, as long as it involves getting away from your laptop and your phone. 

Take time out to recharge your brain. And put these breaks in your calendar!

Being rested, planning ahead, avoiding multitasking, knowing yourself, and taking breaks are time management tricks that work if you want to achieve your long-term goals.


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