5 ways you can motivate yourself to do anything

Give me 60 seconds and I’ll show you 5 ways to motivate yourself to do anything:
1) Track your growth

Record every milestone you hit.

Did you lose 1 pound of weight?

Record it.

Did you write 5 paragraphs of your book?

Record it.

Use every little bit of progress to build confidence.

The more confidence you gain, the less willpower you need.

2) Break the task into chunks

Your brain is designed to conserve energy.

That’s why your brain shuts down when you think about a big task.

The solution?

• Break your task into small steps
• Focus on the first step
• Finish one, move on to the next, and repeat

Don’t aim for:

• 2 hour workouts
• 25 pages of writing
• 8 hours of deep work

Instead, tell yourself to make it through:

• 1 more set or mile
• 1 more paragraph of writing
• 30 more minutes of focused work

Chunking increases your motivation.

3) Don’t resist your bad habits

Resistance depletes your willpower.

Don’t think about what your current self wants to avoid.

Think about what your ideal self would do.

You’ll need far less willpower and easily form better habits.

How does this work?


“I can’t”
“I must”
“I have to”


“I don’t”
“I am not”
“I want to”

For example, say “I am not a smoker” instead of “I’m trying to quit smoking.”

The words you use influence the actions you take.

4) Believe in unlimited willpower

You have far more willpower than you use.

But your brain puts a cap on it to conserve energy.

It’s a psychological mechanism to save a little in the tank.

You can break out of this by accepting the true nature of your willpower:

According to a 2010 study:

The way you view willpower affects how much willpower you have.

If you believe it’s finite, it’ll quickly run out.

If you believe it’s unlimited, it’ll last longer.

Changing your beliefs increases the amount of willpower you can apply.

5) Develop a sense of purpose and meaning

Stop focusing on how to get the work done.

Create a list of reasons you want to get it done.

• It’s a goal
• It’s your purpose
• It serves other people

Your mind gives you more willpower for tasks that are important to you.

5 ways to motivate yourself to do anything:

1) Track your growth
2) Break the task into chunks
3) Don’t resist your bad habits
4) Believe in unlimited willpower
5) Develop a sense of purpose and meaning

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