Over 50% Corporate Executives Are Open To Work With Startups, EY Study Reveals

According to a survey by Ernst & Young, as many as 50% of Indian corporate companies are open to working with startups to reduce their operating costs and bring in agile and innovative methods in the workplace.

“50% of the CIOs (chief information officers) are open to working with startups while the other half is still skeptical. Embracing a startup attitude can help CIOs as organizations are heavily relying on upcoming technologies to reduce their operating costs,” read a survey conducted by Ernst and Young India.

The report also highlighted the fact that startups bring forth the changing attitudes of technology officers and organizations as a whole and the CIOs of Indian companies can benefit from partnerships with startups.

Only about a half of 294 CIOs who responded believe that implementing the start-up practices can get their work done and be more effective and asserted the need for CIOs to promote these in their own firms.

The survey also indicated that as many as 81% of respondents said that Internet-of-Things (IoT) will gain momentum in the next five years as the most promising futuristic technology. Cyber threats were on the top for giving CIOs and more than one-fourth said it gives them sleepless nights.

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