50 Million Views of YouTube’s IPL Channel..No Profanity Filter? Only 55 views for the final match?

IPL 2010 is over, though the real political game starts now with Lalit Modi and BCCI taking the center stage.

We earlier covered the rising traffic of Youtube’s IPL channel (8 million+ Views on YouTube’s IPL Channel – Video Killed the Text Star) and YouTube’s latest stats boasts of ~50.8 million views of the channel, making it the most viewed channel for this month globally.

  • Channel Views:50,779,337
  • Total Upload Views:24,052,372
  • Subscribers:92,991

Phenomenal achievement and a lot was achieved by promoting the IPL channel on Google homepage. Channel view is essentially page view of the channel page and is bound to rise, since it was promoted via adsense as well as Google homepage.

The real number, i.e. uploaded videos views stands at 24 million.

What’s interesting to note is that the most awaited match, i.e. the final match only had 55 views (screenshot). Even though video views take sometime to showcase the real data (batch processing?), such a small number does raises tons of queries on the success of this venture (also read this interesting comment on an earlier post on eCPM rate for Youtube vs. other content portals).

Profanity Filter

Any social network, UGC site needs to have a basic profanity filter in place. But Google doesn’t gives a hoot to this. Check out the comment on IPL channel and it makes you feel as if this was some adult site abandoned by its webmasters.

youtube ipl profanity filter

While one would let go of this had it been a startup, I was surprised to see the bi**ching that is going on on the YOuTube comment section. Why is Youtube allowing this? Hope not to increase channel pageviews/comment count, in order to please the advertisers. Much of this can be achieved by having a basic profanity filter (even we have one @NextBigWhat.com).

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Update: 10 minutes back, the total number of views increased from 55 to 320. But isn’t 320 still too less for the final match, considering that this was a batch processing and had the final/latest count.

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