50 (short) rules for a better life

50 (short) rules for a better life:
1/ Focus on what you can control.
2/ Meditate on your mortality every day.
3/ Own the morning.
4/ Think progress, not perfection.
5/ When you read, ask: what do I plan to do with this information?
6/ Value time more than money/possessions.
7/ Try to find the good in people.
8/ Never be overheard complaining…even to yourself.
9/ Listen more than you speak.
10/ Be strict with yourself and tolerant with others.
11/ Treat the body rigorously so it better obeys the mind.
12/ Learn something from everyone.
13/ Define what success means to you.
14/ Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
15/ Find one thing that makes you wiser every day.
16/ Study the greats.
17/ Find the beauty in ordinary things.
18/ Associate with people who make you better.
19/ Associate with people who you can make better.
20/ Don’t watch the news.
21/ Do a kindness every day.
22/ Pick up trash when you see it.
23/ Don’t look outside yourself for approval.
24/ Spend time with old people.
25/ When evaluating an opportunity, ask yourself: What will teach me the most?
26/ Try to be different, not better
27/ Cut toxic people out of your life.
28/ Leave places better than you found them.
29/ Spend time in bookstores.
30/ Be quiet, work hard, and stay healthy. It’s not ambition or skill that is going to set you apart but sanity.
31/ Ask: Am I using this technology, or is it using me?
32/ Live an interesting life.
33/ Remember: Nobody is thinking about you. They’re too busy thinking about themselves.
34/ Don’t just read books, re-read books.
35/ Don’t talk about projects until you’re finished.
36/ See opportunities where others see obstacles.
37/ Print out good advice and put it where you work.
38/ If a book sucks, stop reading it.
39/ Be OK with looking clueless or stupid.
40/ Do your job—whatever it is—well, because how you do anything is how you do everything.
41/ Give up on the idea of getting revenge.
42/ Before you act out anger, delay.
43/ Don’t choose unhappiness over uncertainty.
44/ Instead of believing in yourself, generate evidence.
45/ Never think you have it all figured out.
46/ Focus on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead.
47/ Go the f*ck to sleep.
48/ Relax. (Whatever it is, you’re probably taking it too seriously).
49/ Take walks.
50/ Make a little progress every day.
51/ Undersell and overdeliver.
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