59Mins – QnA meets Startups [Actionable Insights]

There are tons of Google groups/forums related to entrepreneurship and while they are good for discussions, a less-frills, to-the-point discussion (i.e. actionable insights) is what you need at times.

It won’t be wrong to say that a lot of such startup forums end up as as job posting/self promotion forum, while the real discussion takes a back seat.59mins

To give you certain perspective, Pluggd.in earlier launched an Answers initative, but later we decided to shut that down and partner with interesting people (from different geographies) to launch a bigger platform, 59Mins.com.

59Mins is not just India focused, but has a much bigger motive and will focus on some of the emerging markets [some key partnerships will be announced in the coming days].

Why 59Mins.com?

Because shit happens at the last moment. And magic too happens at the last minute. If you are an entrepreneur (or wannabe one), you need answers to few critical questions and you need them now.

Google doesn’t really help in finding the right answers, because there aren’t any right answers (you will end up wasting time surfing the web without coming closer to the right answer) !

59Mins - QnA meets Entrepreneurs
59Mins - QnA meets Entrepreneurs

So what do you do?

We suggest you to try out 59Mins.com.

The team is building a panel of experts who bring certain perspective in their business domain. Be it Legal/CA/Strategy / Funding/Marketing or Sales, these experts will answer your query within 59 minutes! And of course, we all are invited to share our experience/insights as well.

Current State

We call it alpha(or beta/theta, if you choose to).

The expert panel is being formed. By experts, we do not mean that they know-it-all, but they do have an experience/insight that carries more weightage.

Having said that, the onus is on us, you and all to make 59Mins work for you.

To keep it easy, 59Mins.com is integrated with Facebook Connect and Twitter login, so that you don’t need to register (and remember another id/pwd). There is also a mechanism to submit questions without registering as well.

Give 59Mins.com a spin and submit qns/answer queries. Let the music begin! The team is looking for partnership with bloggers and if you resonate with what you see @59Mins, do give us a shout.

Aside, each activity on the site is measurable (point systems) and the top 2 point earners till June 24th will get a free copy of Microsoft Office 2010 each!

Few Unanswered Questions

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