68% of users have made an online purchase using their smartphone [eBay India Report]

eBay India has shared findings from its mobile commerce survey* and some of the highlights are:

  • Over 94% of Indian smart phone users access the internet on their mobile: The eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey results indicated that a large majority of Indian smart phone users are accessing the mobile internet and as many as 64% of them have upgraded to 3G services. As many as 80% of the respondents claimed to be always on the internet.  
  • The Home is the favourite access point for the mobile internet: Over 84% of the survey respondents expressed that they accessed the mobile internet at home followed by 66% who accessed it at work & 55% who accessed it while waiting for their friends. The malls, restaurants, theatres, airports & the commute were the other times of access.
  • Shopping is the third most popular category of search after emails & social networking: 70%of smart phone users access online shopping websites
  • Over 87% of Indian smart phone users compare Product Prices online: This is more popular than travel tickets, movie timings or contact details.
  • Check your phone before you reach for your wallet: 57% of smart shoppers check prices online before they shop in a mall or a store. Over 30% of users have stated that they always find better deals online & 49% have stated that they ‘Mostly’ find better deals online.
  • 68% of users have made an online purchase using their smart phone: Digital Commerce is gaining traction with Indian smart phone users.
  • Gadgets are the most popular online purchases:  68% of mobile internet users have bought gadgets on their smart phone followed by 40% who have bought clothes & footwear & 34% who have bought books.
  • Mobile Commerce Users are savvy shoppers & use their smart phones to check product prices (84%). Other popular activities are to locate a store (65%), research product features (57%),find deals (55%), check product availability (48%).
  • Samsung & Nokia (40% each) are the smart phone of choice for the Mobile Indian . The iPhone (17%) is the third most popular smart phone brand.

From what it seems, the survey reports are highly skewed towards the active smartphone users and should be taken in the right perspective.

* : The survey was conducted in the month of May, 2012 and over 4,500 users filled up the survey form.

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