7 brutal truths about career success

Nobody cares about your career. People are too busy with their own careers to worry about yours. THREAD: 7 brutal truths about career success.
1. You haven’t done a great job if no one knows you’ve done a great job. It’s your job to communicate your impact and make people take notice. Your work is your product. Your advocacy for your work is the distribution for your product.
2. In observing the most successful careers of our time: Their consistency is their biggest differentiator. They’re not outworking everyone. They’re outlasting everyone. 99.7% of Warren Buffet’s wealth came after the age of 52.
3. People aren’t effort averse. They spend: – Hours at cross fit & spin classes. – All night playing video games. They’re *boredom averse*. People don’t hate their jobs because they’re lazy. They hate their jobs because they’re bored.
4. A good manager is worth 10x your salary. A good manager will mentor you, champion you & accelerate your career. A bad one will stall your career & make your life miserable. Great managers are easily worth over $1m over the course of your career.
5. Specialization is overrated. Breadth is underrated. “He did not know technology. He’d never designed anything.” – Wozniak on Steve Jobs. So how did Jobs succeed? In a world obsessed with specializing, Jobs’ superpower was his breadth & his ability to connect the dots.
6. School is a single-player game where you work by yourself. Careers are a multi-player game where you have to work with others. People won’t always remember your work. But they’ll never forget how you made them feel.
7. Your company’s goal is to make you valuable to the company. Your goal is to make yourself valuable to the market. It’s your job to make sure these 2 goals align. If you aren’t learning & earning at your current job, it’s time to find one where you can.
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