7 Facebook Ads ideas every businesses should use

Steal my 7 Facebook Ads ideas proven to work:

1. Us vs them
2. Founder story
3. Before and after
4. three reasons why
5. Press release screenshot
6. Static Image with the core benefit
7. Problem – Agitation – Solution UGC

Example of each ad-types with the breakdown:

1. Us vs Them

It’s easier to place yourself against a common enemy so that views immediately get it.

Here are some that have wor ked for me or on me.

2. Before & After

With paid social ads, you are selling a transformation.

What are you promising as a transformation? Make that an after image.

3. Press release screenshot ads

Why? Immediate credibility. Newsworthy.

An ad that does not look like an ad.

4. Problem – Agitation – Solution (PAS) UGC ads

UGC ads bring immediate social proof. They are relatable.

Full video is here: https://app.foreplay.co/share/ads/SSob0rbH1NwpXPqqjDKg?user=Aazar%20Shad

5. Founder stories ad

When founders can grab attention with their gripping stories — tell “why” it is valuable to viewers.

Idea credit and source: @mrsharma

@mrsharma 6. 3 reasons why ad (stepwise ads)

Gets brain and emotion working together.

Easy to understand and execute.

@mrsharma 7. Single image ad that make a problem “pop”

Sells one idea or problem solution. Gets the attention of viewers to learn more.

Usually they have the cheapest CPMs.

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6. 3 reasons why ad (stepwise ads)

Gets brain and emotion working together.

Easy to understand and execute.

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