7 free courses to help you build a 6-figure online business

If you want to build a 6-figure online business before 2024,

Here are 7 courses you canโ€™t miss…

(All FREE)

1/ $100M Offers Course – Alex Hormozi

You will learn:

– Choosing the most profitable market
– Charging the right price
– Creating offers your customers will feel stupid saying โ€˜noโ€™
– Using psychological principles to get more sales & grow your business


2/ Ultimate Web design course – Webflow

You will learn:

– Layout and design
– Interactions and animations
– Templates
– Website settings
– Account and billing
– Integrations and users

And more…

3. Shopify Dropshipping Course by EcomKing

You will learn:

– Finding winning products
– Build a digital store
– Set up apps to scale your business
– Hire people to automate your business
– Copywriting and creating offers

And much more…

4/ The Fundamentals of Copywriting – Copy that!

You will learn:

– The power of copywriting
– Writing for prospects & writing for a company
– 5 Stages of customer awareness
– Planning copy
– Crafting ideas
– Structure

And much more…


5/ Digital Marketing Certification – Google

Master the basics of digital marketing created by Google trainers.

You will learn:

– Content marketing
– Display advertising
– Local marketing

And more…

6/ Hubspot Email Marketing Course

You will learn:

– Fundamentals of email marketing
– How to build an email marketing strategy that builds trust
– Designing, testing, and analyzing your marketing emails


7/ Facebook Ads Course – Dylan Pondir

You will learn to:

– Create Facebook Business manager and Ad account
– Build marketing funnels
– Create an advertising story
– Create Optimized Performance Ad Copy
– Launch, analyze and scale Your Facebook Ads


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Free courses to build a 6-figure business TL:DR

1. $100M Offers Course – @AlexHormozi
2. Ultimate Web Design Course – @webflow
3. Shopify Dropshipping Course – @kamil_sattar
4. Fundamentals of Copywriting – Copy That!


5. Digital Marketing Certification – @Google
6. @HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Course
7. Facebook Ads Course – Dylan Pondir
@Google @HubSpot That’s it, Thank you for reading until the end!๐ŸŽ‰

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