7 habits to practice for the next 200 days to become mysterious to everyone

In the next 200 days, set aside 30 minutes a day and do this to become mysterious to everyone…
1. Learn how to control anger

Unless you spend ALL time alone, people will trigger you.

You should understand;

– How to act when triggered
– What triggers you and why
– When and how to fight back

What triggers you manipulates easy.

2. Learn negotiation

You’ll get anything from anyone;

Follow this;

• Always make the first offer
• Only talk when it’s necessary
• Learn to take nothing personally
• Balance the conversation to make it win-win.

Talk right, get what you want.

3. Learn calculated withdrawal

No one will ever complete you.

Being alone shouldn’t translate to loneliness.

Spend time alone to;

– Understand the world around you
– Learn more about yourself
– Guard your energy

The more you spend time alone, the stronger you get.

4. Focus 100% on yourself

You get respect from;

• Your appearance
• How you talk
• Connections

Do this;

– Invest in clothes, shoes, lotions and sprays
– Have a killer haircut/hairdo
– Sharpen your communication skills

You’ll win over 99% of people.

5. Learn how to initiate and stay out of drama

Many people create drama wherever they go.

You need to be different.

But sometimes drama is necessary but you should know when and how.

6. Learn how to talk and talk last

People always talk (And say nothing)

Be different and;

• Listen more
• Let everyone talk to know their points of view
• Take time to respond and be the last person to talk.

Your words determine the respect you get.

7. Understand human nature.

Learn more about those around you.

What others do, helps you reflect on your nature.

Read these books;

• Sapiens: A belief history of Humankind
• The laws of human nature
• Thinking fast and slow

Which book have you read?

It’s Sunday…

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💕I adore you— You’re Amazing💕

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