7 skills that cannot be replaced by technology


7 skills that cannot be replaced by technology

7 skills that cannot be replaced by technology. A [thread]
[1] Content Creation Technology can create simple content, but it won’t be able to tell a story from a personal level. It lacks the human touch. Content creation is the future, and it won’t work if it doesn’t have a human connection and a good storyline.
[2] Empathy Siri and Alexa can talk with you, give you directions, and can immediately respond to your questions. But it will never be able to understand the emotions, human touch, and empathy. Interpersonal skills cannot be outsourced by robots anytime soon.
[3] Communication Just like Empathy, communication is another skill that cannot be automated. Effective communication is an art. Technology can read facial expressions, but it will never communicate as effectively as humans.
[4] Creativity Machines cannot be creative. It is almost impossible for them to be creative. They can do the tasks that are asked of them, as it is. Creativity is spontaneous and requires dreaming, imagination, and inspiration, unlike machines.
[5] Strategy Automation can remove the legwork of implementing tasks. But it cannot remove the need for strategy required for a task. Strategic thinking is one of the core skills that can only be performed by humans.
[6] Technology Management Technology cannot manage itself. It needs humans. Humans will always be needed for designing, planning, installing, and maintaining digital systems. It is yet another skill that cannot be replaced with technology.
[7] Decision Making Humans are required to make decisions at every step. You can’t rely on machines to make complex decisions for you.
In short, there are a lot of things that technology cannot do. Technology might be easier and faster, but it will never have a human mind to understand the emotions, empathy, and decisiveness to handle critical situations. What else you would add to the list? Comment below.
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