7-step guide to learn new skills faster than 95% of people

How to learn new skills faster than 95% of people.

This 7-step guide to help you develop skills 10x faster:

Step #1 Recognize the 10,000 hours myth

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour theory:
Only applies to elite performers in specialized fields.

In reality:
you can get good at something within the first 20 hours of practice.

Look at the relationship between:

Your skill level and how long you’ve been practicing.

→ You will see rapid improvements in the first 20 hours.
→ After 20 hours, things start to taper off.

Step #2 Understand & manage your emotions:

• You might think the new skill challenge is intellectual
• In reality, the Challenge is emotional.

→ Learn to deal with feeling uncomfortable, scared, and incompetent.

Step #3 Deconstruct the skill

Break down the skills you want to learn into their components.

Example: If you want to learn to create visuals, the components are:

• Drawing basic shapes
• Drawing icons
• Typography
• Styling shapes, icons, and typography together

Step #4 Learn enough to Self-Correct

• Get 1-3 learning resources
• Learn to recognize the patterns
• Start reviewing your work & identifying areas for improvement

Step #5 Remove practice barriers

• Keep your practice gear (guitar, sports gear, etc…) within sight

• Make it easier to practice, by getting rid of distractions

• Treat practice as a routine rather than a hobby

Step #6 Practice for at least 20 hours

• You can dedicate 45 minutes a day to learn in 30 days

• Or 1 hour a day to learn in 20 days

→ Stay consistent and you’ll be proud of what you’ve achieved!

Step #7 Get excited about the journey

Learning skills in 20 hours is a theory by @joshkaufman

His TED Talk on “how to learn anything” has over 31 M views on YouTube.

→ Watch the video now ⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MgBikgcWnY


#1 Recognize the 10,000 hours myth
#2 Understand & manage your emotions
#3 Deconstruct the skill
#4 Learn Enough to Self-Correct
#5 Remove practice barriers
#6 Practice for at least 20 hours
#7 Get excited about the journey

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