7 Ways To Ace Your Business Storytelling Game!

Storytelling has always been a part of the business world. Its roots are deeply embedded in the corporate world. Storytelling is that stone that laid the foundation of how companies communicate. However, with time there has been a resurgence of storytelling.

Follow these seven ways to ace up your business storytelling game.

1. Dig Deeper: Vulnerable and realistic stories tend to create a good impression on your customer’s mind. Of course, your story may not have a perfect ending, and that’s acceptable, as imperfect stories resonate with the not-so-perfect lives of the customers and touch their emotional cord.

2. Sensitive to social issues: These days, the public is not just educated but also concerned about social issues. The story of your company should elaborately portray your missions and the impact they will have on society.

3. Personal touch is essential: To establish an everlasting bond with your people, your company needs to kneel down on personal levels. People don’t connect unless they relate, and relating to a character made of bricks and cement can be difficult.

4. Keep your best-storytellers close: Not all creativity blooms in the office of your executives. The best storytellers are closest to the front lines, whether in service, product, or sales.

5. Team-up with customers: Co-creating is a great way to boost your business. With increased customer involvement, your storytelling improves too. Try to tell a story from the lens of the customers and experience huge sales.

6. Answer customers’ needs: People have problems, and in the quest to find its solution, they reach out to your company. Your storytelling must emphasize how your company can solve their needs. The foundation of this emotional bond can continue for decades.

7. Modernize your endings: People no longer search for rational and economic benefits. Concluding your story with the economic benefits that your company could possibly bring to the customers is a Stone Age technique.

People are more inclined towards the changes and transformations that will come in their personal lives.

Today’s customers have certain needs, and they are well aware of them. Reconditioning will help your company to boost sales.


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