7 ways to master the art of time management

Your inability to manage time and procrastinate your work is an alarming sign that you need to organize time. 

The inability to utilize your time effectively can cost you a lot, and time is money.

Here are seven ways to manage time: 

Make a planner

Creating a planner or timetable will help you prioritize important tasks and finish them on time. It will also make you more organized and save time.

Color code the tasks

It’s common to get frustrated when you have a lot on your plate. An effective way to tackle this is to label the tasks as “very important,” “less important,” and “can do later” and color code them. 

Set the timer

Setting a time limit will bring in the sense of responsibility and will reduce procrastination.

Pomodoro Method

It is always a great idea to relax your mind and then start afresh. The Pomodoro method means setting a timer and finishing the task-focused, and once done, you should take a break for some time to relax and start again.

Make a Not-To-Do List

As the name suggests, a not-to-do list is an entry of all the things that downgrade your productivity; this includes binge-watching Netflix and YouTube for hours. The habit will not only reduce your speed but also make you feel guilty.

Plan Your Week

A great way to manage your time is to plan. Set achievable goals that make you feel motivated.

Have A Time Management App

The era of technology has made things easier, and you should use it to do smart work. For example, you can use apps like Trello, Evernote, and Notion for making to-do lists. Similarly, Tootle track, Forest, and Study bunny can help you track time.


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