8 Recommended Technology Tools That Enhance Student Learning

The speedy and extensive application of educational technology made a major overhaul on how knowledge is contemplated and taught in the classroom.

Technology advancement made everything more convenient and accessible in promoting human learning. Integrating technology in the classroom greatly advance the proficiency of students and teaching skills of educators. Many academic institutions today recognized technology as an instrument for instruction. Because of its benefits, almost all educators are exploring innovative ways to utilize the web into their school lessons.

The speedy and extensive application of educational technology made a major overhaul on how knowledge is contemplated and taught in the classroom. Students became more excited to learn and more focus about their studies because of such web tools. There are variety of educational tools and apps that students can use in their academic subjects.

Here are some of the recommended technology tools that can help improve students learning:


Real time Board is a good platform for collaborative and virtual brainstorming sessions. It enables users to share and discuss ideas on projects together in real-time. This tool also offers a free education version wherein schools can use all its features for free. Students and teachers can create endless boards and can work with immense collaborators in various projects. If you want to work with visual content, this site has an infinite canvas and tools that will highlight the details of your work.

To improve your research productivity, Diigo has a browser add-on where you can easily highlight and add sticky notesdiigoLOGO_transparent to important online sources that you found for your study. Even if you are offline or you’re using your mobile phone, you can get access to the information once you archive them. This is also useful when conducting collaborative research. It allows you to share your findings, clippings, and notes with other users. Diigo makes web browsing easier and it promotes a new process of online knowledge management to students and teachers.

Students don’t need to create an account in order to use this tool. Padlet is a free application. You can use it in any device including smart phones and tablets. Users can create an online bulletin board on this tool and add videos, text, images and documents from desktop to their virtual wall.

bestessaysThis website can give you beneficial information on how to write different types of essay. Their expert editors and writers will guide you in composing well-constructed essay papers. This site assures you that you only get high quality of service when it comes to writing academic papers.

spellcheckonlineSpelling error is one of the most common mistakes of students. Before your paper submission, use this proofreading tool to check the typographical errors on your assignment. This online grammar check assists you in improving your grammatical and spelling proficiency.

Spreeder is an online program for students who are looking for the best tool to learn on how to read a little faster. This free online software will help you improve your reading speed and comprehension. It trains your brain to speed read in a pace appropriate for you. Apart from that, spreeder makes speed reading online text content easier for you.

Road to Grammar
road to grammarRoad to grammar offers interactive quizzes and amazing lessons for students. This tool will help you nourish your grammar skills because you can choose around 365 quizzes on the site. Each test provides quick feedback on the users’ answers. Moreover, it also gives teachers some downloadable resources like English lessons, warm-up activities, and some grammar worksheets.

track classFor a study management tool, trackclass is wonderful free resource for students. It allows users to organize their class schedule and assignments effectively. This program will update users constantly about the things happening on their classes. It will send an email or SMS to inform and remind you on your upcoming project deadline or homework. From reminders to note-taking of assignments and grades, you will stay updated on the progress of your studies with the help of trackclass.

There are variety of tool options to choose from that you can find on web and other devices. Technology already made learning easier for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Try these educational tools now to get higher grades in all your academic subjects.

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