Data : 82 million Broadband Subscribers; Urban Wireless Declines

Total subscription (wired lines + wireless) in India as of November 2014 is 964.20 million.

TRAI has released a report on the telecom subscription data in India as of 30th November 2014. Here are the key highlights.
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Here are some of the key findings from the report:

  • Total subscription (wired lines + wireless) in India as of November 2014 is 964.20 million which is an increase of 0.16% from 962.63 million in October 2014.

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  • Urban subscriptions saw a decline of 0.35% to reach 568.72 million in November from 570.58 million in October 2014.
  • Rural subscriptions however saw an increase of 0.87% to reach 395.48 million in November as compared to 392.05 million in October.
  • Pan-India teledensity, which is the number of telecom connections every 100 people in a particular area, grew from 77.07 in October to 77.12 in November.

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  • Calculating separately, rural teledensity increased from 45.39 to 45.76 in a month while urban teledensity fell from 148.10 to 17.38 during the same time.


  • Total wireless subscriptions in India as of November 2014 was 937.06 million as compared to 935.35 million in October. This is an increase of 0.18%.

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  • Calculating separately, while urban wireless subscriptions saw a decline from 548.78 million to 546.99 million, rural wireless subscriptions have gone up from 386.57 million in October to 390.06 million in November which is an increase of 0.90%
  • Wireless teledensity in India as of November 2014 is 74.95 while it was 74.89 in October. Again, there was a fall in teledensity in urban areas while the same saw an increase in rural areas.
  • Urban to rural share of wireless subscriptions were 58.37% : 41.63%
  • While private access service providers held 90.81% share in wireless market, the two government backed providers BSNL and MTNL held only 9.19% share in the market.
  • Of the total 937.06 million wireless subscribers, 87.98% were active subscribers a the date of peak Visitor Location Register (VLR) which is a database that contains information about the subscribers roaming within a mobile switching center’s (MSC) location area.

chart 5

  • Jammu and Kashmir saw the maximum increase in wireless subscriptions in November while Rajasthan showed the maximum decline.
  • 3.64 million Users had requested for mobile number portability (MNP) in November lone which increased the total number from 135.86 million to 139.49 million.

Wired Lines

  • Wired lines saw an overall decline of 0.50% from 27.28 million in October to 27.14 million in November.
  • Urban to rural share of wired lines are 80.03% : 19.97%
  • Teledensity of wired lines fell from 2.18 to 2.17 over a month. Separately calculated, urban teledensity was 5.63 while rural teledensity was 0.63.
  • BSNL and MTNL together held 75.96% share in wired lines market.

chart 6

  • Broadband subscriptions saw a tremendous increase from 79.21 million to 82.22 million over a month. This is an increase of 3.79% between October and November.
  • Top 5 broadband providers who held 86.97% share in the overall market were BSNL, Bharthi Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Reliance Communications.

chart 7

  • Top 5 in wired line broadband connections were BSNL, Airtel, MTNL, Beam and YOU while in wireless connections were Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL and Reliance Communications.

chart 8
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