8K Miles Launches EzIAM to Simplify IAM

As the shift to cloud-based services increases, identity management capabilities can be delivered as hosted services to help drive more operational efficiencies and to improve business agility.

8KMiles which acquired FuGen Solutions for $7.5mn in 2013 has launched EzIAM, an IAM solution targeted towards SMBs and large enterprises.EzIAM-Logo

Powered by FuGen, EzIAM as the company claims combines the power of reliable user provisioning and user management solutions with the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based deployment model. The solution is aimed at SMBs and large enterprises that want a more flexible consumption model of SaaS (Software as a Service) via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud or a secure virtual private cloud.


EzIAM customers can reap the benefits of a SaaS-based service with reduced CAPEX costs, IT overhead, and solution complexity while increasing business agility, scale and flexibility along with 8KMiles’ patented Federation Partner On-Boarding technology.

Customers can pay-as-they-go with individual services, or subscribe to all EzIAM services, centrally managed through a single dashboard. Core capabilities of EzIAM include advanced authentication, federated SSO and Identity Management and Governance services.

Together, these three elements provide companies with strong authentication and fraud detection, cross-domain SSO for optimum user convenience and productivity, and user lifecycle management with delegated administration and self-service access requests, password reset and profile management.

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