8KMiles Software Services Ltd, a startup that offers outsourcing service over the cloud, has acquired FuGen Solutions for a sum of $7.5 million, the company announced.

This acquisition will help 8KMiles build and expand on their cloud and big data security services and solutions, a company statement said.

8KMiles offers mobility and big data solutions for enterprise, small and medium business and state or local government institutions. The company was recently selected as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner.

The purchase includes FuGen Solutions’ Cloud Identity Broker and Multi-domain Identity Services Platform (MISP), an on-demand partner platform that extends the capabilities of existing Identity Management (IDM), SSO solutions and legacy services to allow enterprise customers to scale and manage their federated access, certification and SSO, and web services via the cloud.

The company has plans to acquire more this year, Suresh Venkatachari, 8KMiles chairman and CEO.

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