9 proven strategies to help you 10x your LinkedIn presence

Give me 2 minutes and I’ll show you how to 10x your LinkedIn presence:
1. Increase your content input

Your content only reaches ~10% of your audience.

There’s no such thing as “posting too much”.

More input > More output

2. Re-design your profile

Get yourself a professional-looking picture + header.

The more appealing your profile.

The more connections and followers you get.

People want to hear from those who look like an authority.

3. Write a good “About” section.

Don’t write it for everyone.

Write it for the people you want to attract.

4. Be active

Seems obvious.

Because it is.

But 99% of people don’t go the extra mile to write thoughtful comments.

You should.

5. Re-write your headline’s first line

I call this “the money maker.”

This one tweak allowed me to monetize my 100M+ views.

And it only has one goal:

Tell people what you can do for them.

Here’s mine…

6. Don’t be a one-trick pony

Don’t just post carousels.

Don’t just post single-line content.

Don’t just post long-form content.

Mix it up with:

• Value
• Videos
• Carousels
• Viral posts
• Funny posts

7. Write content that triggers emotions

Everyone writes boring content.

You should write content that appeals to the reader’s emotions.

Will that generate controversy?


But f* the haters.

Controversy is great for engagement.

8. Don’t miss a day

The secret to growth is consistency.

The more your content pops in the timeline.

The more people will see you as a familiar face.

And humans like to engage with familiar faces.

9. Send more DMs.

Real connections are built in the DMs.

Don’t be afraid to say “Hi”.

It’s not scalable for growth.

But it might bring you unexpected opportunities.

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