9 Psychology Hacks To Stop Overthinking

9 Psychology Hacks To Stop Overthinking. – Thread –
1.Change the way you talk to yourself. – Overthinkers always keep saying negative things to themselves. – If you keep saying yourself “I can never be on time. I can’t commit to anything”. Your brain believes the same, as you keep repeating that.
Next time, Repeat “I am always on time. I can commit to things I am passionate about.” See the difference, you wont get lost in thoughts.
2. Let go of the past. – Overthinkers always keep thinking “I wish..”, “I should have..”. – You cannot change the past. You cannot change a second that just passed by. – Learn the lessons from your past and ensure never to repeat the same mistakes again.
3. Live in the moment. – Overthinking find it hard to live in the present. Past or future is always on your mind. – Focus on the current moment – Notice the world around you, how you feel now, what you can do to make this moment worth living, so you need not rethink and worry
4.Challenge Your Thoughts. – Overthinkers get lost in thoughts little more than usual it need not always be past or future. – If you find a thought tat is worthless passing ur brain, immediately write it on a piece of paper, tear it and throw it away
5. Focus on What You Can Control – Overthinkers always worry about things out of their control. – Take a minute to analyse if that is something you have control over from a broad perspective – Focus exclusively on what is in your power magnifies and enhances your power
6. Identify Your Fears – Overthinkers have irrational fears. – You tend to suffer more often in imagination (of “what might be”) than in reality – Best strategy to overcome fear? take action!! – The moment you take action is the moment you win a battle with your overthinking
7. Write Down Solutions. – Overthinkers keep thinking only of the problems. – Divert your thinking towards the solutions. – Write down the problems and think the solution for each problem. – This way, your brain shifts it attention towards the solutions.
8. Manage Your Stress. – Overthinking causes stress and stress leads to overthinking – Feeling overwhelmed? Relax. – Do one of these three things – A walk in the nature – Exercise. mood booster and stress buster – Unplug from all digital devices for a few hours.
9. Challenge yourself. – Overthinkers do not allocate time to each task and do things at slow pace. – Parkinson’s Law – work expands to the time you allow it. – So, set time limits understanding your pace. – It keeps you on your toes and does not give space to overthinking.
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