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  • New Metaverse technology allows you to kiss and feel

    The new technology has been made possible through ultrasonic transducers to the virtual reality(VR) headsets. The secretive new technology reportedly stimulates touch by applying vibrations and force while modifying the VR headset. It allows a user to generate vibrations around the mouth as the new immersive technology allows near real-world scenario. [Via] More

  • The Notorious B.I.G. Estate Announces Metaverse, ‘The Brook’

    The Notorious B.I.G. will be virtually representing Brooklyn to the fullest. The virtual model of Biggie, which is stunningly realistic, was created from images and videos of the rap star prior to his death in 1997. Set to launch later this year, “The Brook” will allow users to roam around the virtual neighborhood, purchase real […] More

  • DRDO: EV companies like Ola are using lower grade materials to cut costs #FireIncidents

    The Defence Research & Development Organisation that was tasked with investigating into EV fire incidents by the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry, has found serious defects in the batteries, including designs of the battery packs and modules. The experts found defects in battery cells as well as battery design in nearly all EVs. According […] More

  • GrowthTalkies AMA: The 1mg growth journey with cofounder, Gaurav Agarwal

    GrowthTalkies session with 1mg cofounder, Gaurav Agarwal on the early days, how the company experimented with different traction channels..and more. This is an audio AMA event on FWD Learning SuperApp. To listen/participate, download FWD app (Android, iOS). Date: May 25 (Wed)Timing: 5 PM onwards.Format: Audio event on FWD appPricing: FreeRegister 👇 Loading… More

  • Will your brand hit a growth ceiling soon? Answer these 10 questions

    Will this brand hit a growth ceiling soon? Is current growth based on strong brand/product fundamentals? A VC friend evaluating digital first brands raising Series A/B wanted to look at marketing metrics beyond LTV/CAC to answer these questions 10 metrics that can help 1. Total Media Spends Media Spends as a % of net revenue […] More

  • How to navigate this downturn: Notes from a Sequoia Capital Partner

    Efficient growth is what matters: Accept that growth rate will decrease with the efficiency and payback constraints. Everyone has been buying some of their growth with inefficient spend. By extending runway, you buy yourself time to build from a stronger foundation. Ravi Gupta, Partner Sequoia Capital. Many private companies are seeing the market and wondering […] More

  • What is the future of Ethereum

    What is the future of Ethereum? Last week, Vitalik Buterin co-published a paper predicting Ethereum’s future. I read the 37-page paper and interviewed its co-authors so you didn’t have to. [🧵 THREAD] The future according to @VitalikButerin revolves around soulbound tokens (SBTs). SBTs are NFTs that can’t be transferred after they are received. Once you […] More

  • cropped-1627734435_national-anthem-patriotic-india.jpg

    How (practically) big is India’s Internet market?

    Zerodha founder Nithin goes UnPluggd. How large is the Indian market for B2C tech businesses in terms of users who can generate revenue? Maybe 15 crores max! Here’s why, with Fintech as a reference, since some data is available. I guess it is important to know this, so we can all be rationally optimistic. 1/11 […] More

  • ‘F*ck The Metaverse’: iPod Inventor Tony Fadell

    Describing one’s experience in a virtual world, he says the main issue is it’s not real. “I can’t look into your eyes, I can’t see your face, to build trust and a real personal connection.” He continues, “But there’s another reason I say f*ck the metaverse. We have scarce brains, scarce resources, and very scarce […] More

  • WEB3

    Metaverse Could Contribute 2.8% to Global GDP in Its First Decade

    The contribution to GDP in 2031 from the metaverse could be $3 trillion. PRNewswire/ – Economic experts at Analysis Group, one of the largest international economics consulting firms, released a report suggesting that if metaverse adoption and impact evolves similarly to mobile technology, it could contribute 2.8% to global gross domestic product in the 10th […] More

  • Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy

    If you’re the right sort of person, you’ll win even in a bad economy. And if you’re not, a good economy won’t save you. Someone who thinks “I better not start a startup now, because the economy is so bad” is making the same mistake as the people who thought during the Bubble “all I […] More

  • Five Tips For Managing Your Startup During An Economic Downturn (

    Navigating the impact of a recession won’t be easy, but with the right preventative measures, startups can position themselves to ride out the storm.

    1. Undertake proven cost-cutting measures.

    2.  Turn to freelancers.

    3. Be smart about alternative funding options.

    4. Develop a plan of action with your strategic partners.

    5. Consider pivoting your business. 

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