Now Available Across India For Reliance Users

Mark Zuckerberg, in a Facebook post announced that can now be accessed across the country, through’s Free Basics app on the Reliance network. Earlier, ClearTrip, NDTV, DailyHunt and Times Internet withdrew itself from the program, so as to support net neutrality.

Facebook Wants You To Like Internet.Org; Either Now, Or Later

Facebook users in India have been seeing a pop-up message asking them to support However, the message lacks the option to answer with ‘no’ and instead only allows users to postpone hitting ‘yes’. The move comes at a time when the DoT panel on Net Neutrality proposed against having services such as in India.

Facebook Is Now Letting Any Carrier Sign Up For

The announcement comes a year after Facebook kicked off its initiative. So far the company has worked with just 12 operators across 17 countries. The company has launched a portal to accept operator sign ups for the initiative. was accused of being anti net neutrality following which Facebook opened up the platform to all developers and websites.

Facebook Opens Up To All Developers; Wards Off Anti-Net Neutrality Sentiment

The move comes soon after the initiative was targeted for being anti net neutrality because it provided access only to a select number of websites and services. Facebook claimed that it chose the previous group of partners in order to build a simple and data efficient offering, however since consumer choice is of great importance, it is opening up the platform to other developers.