Yahoo to Cut its Workforce by 15%, to Layoff 1,700 Workers

The company’s “aggressive strategic plan” to return to profitability, will see the sacking of not just its workers, but also an assortment of services that CEO Marissa Mayer decided “aren’t worth the time and money that the company has been putting into them.” The announcement came as Yahoo reported a $4.3bn (£3bn) loss for the year.

Housing To Layoff 200 Employees This Month

The laying off will be across departments including product, marketing and operations. The move is being made so as to meet the cost cutting set by the shareholders. Earlier, the company had laid off 600 employees so as to focus on technology and product . The company currently employs 1,960 employees.

StumbleUpon To Layoff 70% Staff After Failing To Raise A New Round

StumbleUpon is expected to layoff as many as 70 of its 100 employees. The company is retaining people from its engineering and sales teams. The last disclosed round of funding StumbleUpon raised was $17 million back in 2011. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been stealing advertising dollars while apps like Flipboard have gained popularity.

Housing To Layoff As Many As 600 Employees In Three Months

The company is looking to impede cash burn and focus on building core technology. Housing is undertaking a massive restructuring and scrutinizing the performance of employees across departments. The Majority of layoffs will be due to the shutting down of non-core businesses, underperformance and overstaffing.

Qualcomm To Layoff 15% Of Its Workforce

The move will contribute to a $1.4 billion in cost reduction. The company also said that it is reviewing structural alternatives to splitting the company. Qualcomm reported a revenue of $5.83 billion for the third-quarter, slightly off the $5.85 billion analysts had expected. Outlook for the semiconductor business during Q4 has been lowered as demand in China falls.

India Inc set for layoffs

Now that Diwali is over,expect some crackers from the HR department! As per Assocham’s new report ‘Jobs scenario, post-Diwali’, India Inc. is likely to announce lay offs of nearly 25%…

Layoff the fatties – they are good for nothing!

Move over you fatties – you guys are responsible for everything bad that is happening to the world. Including Global warming. Apart from airlines/automobiles burning extra fuels (and spending extra…