Online Learning Startup, Vlurn Raises Seed Funding From Accord Group

The raised funds will be used to hire talent, for development of its mobile app, build studio infrastructure and marketing and promotion. It currently provides around 50 different online courses in six verticals and has about 2000 registered users who have undertaken more than 5000 hours of training.

InfoEdge Invests 25 crores In Online-Learning Service Meritnation

Meritnation offers online assessment-based learning solutions for kindergarten to class 12 students. The latest investment brings up InfoEdge’s investment in the startup to about Rs 97 crore (approx $15 mn), and increases its stake from the 55.81% it controlled at the end of the previous round.

US based online education sites booming in India

US based online education platforms like Udemy, EdX, Coursera and Udacity are striking gold in what they consider as their biggest overseas market, India. This can be attributed to the COVID related shutdowns and the big surge in online learning. These platforms are also concentrating on professional courses more, which is a surefire attraction to people thinking about learning online.

How Cult Fit used Deep Learning and ML to create Energy Meter in Cult Live App

Think of the Energy Meter as a virtual movement tracker. It combines AI technologies like Computer Vision and Deep Learning to understand how the user moves during the workout, how accurately he/she is performing the exercises. To run an ML model in real-time, we had to make sure that it processes one image frame before another one comes in. However, in our case, we had to hit a baseline performance where 10 images could be processed and scored in each second. This enabled the system to recognise the most common movements in workouts and assign an energy value and score to it.

AI is still democratic: Bunch of student coders beat Google’s machine learning code

Students from, a small organization that runs free machine-learning courses online, just created an AI algorithm that outperforms code from Google’s researchers, according to an important benchmark. But’s team built an algorithm that beats Google’s code, as measured using a benchmark called DAWNBench, from researchers at Stanford. This benchmark uses a common image […]