Israel-India hackathon to tackle health issues in rural India

The joint hackathon which will take place at 4 locations – Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad for 3 days (22-24 July) is aimed at making healthcare affordable and accessible to the weaker sections in the country. The event will bring together 700 participants working in 150 teams from both India and Israel.

MIT scientists develop cheap water treatment device for rural India

The researchers have installed the affordable, solar-powered water treatment system in rural villages, where excessive salt was found in the water, more than what is recommended by WHO. The researchers have used an electrodialysis reversal system, which consumes less energy and recovers more than 90% of the feed water, during the desalination process.

‘Selfie Culture’: Rural India Spends More on Mobile Recharges

Telecom companies have reasons to rejoice, as Rural India is treating mobile expenses as a necessity. Telecom giants revealed that Rs 10 talk-time mobile recharge is the largest selling pack in the rural areas, and most customers are likely to choose mobile packs and the Internet over other fast moving consumer products.

Microsoft Plans To Bring White-fi Technology To Connect Rural India

Microsoft is working with the Indian Government to acquire the necessary approvals to pilot its new White-fi Internet technology. Microsoft argues that in India where low population density areas and low income groups don’t appeal to regular ISPs, White-Fi could experience a boom and make Microsoft the best thing for internet connectivity to reach the larger, untapped part of India.

Growth Of Social Media Use In Rural India Outpaces Urban Regions

As of April 2015, there were 25 million social media users in rural India representing a 100% y-o-y growth. The number of social media users in urban regions on the other hand grew by just 35%, taking the total number of users up to 118 million. Combining the two, India had 143 million social media users as of April 2015. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) further adds that nearly half of social media users in the country reside in the top 4 metros.