Audi, BMW And Daimler Have Agreed To Buy Nokia’s HERE For $2.7bn

If the deal goes through, the German automakers plan to build an open mapping platform which other auto companies can join. Here is already the leading provider of automotive maps and traditional auto companies were scared they would lose control over their in-car systems if someone like Uber, Google or Apple bought Here.

Uber Launches Speed Boat Ferry Service In Istanbul

UberBOAT will ferry passengers back and forth across the Bosporus strait. The company has tied up with a local firm, Navette-Tezman Holding, that operates speed boats. Passengers looking to cross the Bosporus strait by UberBOAT will pay a minimum of 50 liras ($19).

Apple Acquires GPS Startup Coherent Navigation To Boost Location Tech

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed and neither is it clear how Coherent Navigation will incorporate its previous work into Apple’s products/services. Coherent Navigation works on high-precision commercial navigation systems, which are far more accurate than consumer grade GPS, which are accurate within 3-5 meters. When it comes to location and mapping, Apple made its first efforts to move away from Google’s services back in 2009 with the purchase of Placebase.