A/B Testing Made Fun: How to Optimize Savita Bhabhi’s Website

Sidharth Deswal who works at Wingify, the makers of Visual Website Optimizer, takes a look at Savita Bhabhi- The Movie’s website and suggests tweaks.

Guest Post by Siddharth Deswal

After seeing two of my favorite topics – Savita Bhabhi and A/B testing, appear in the same post recently on NextBigWhat, I couldn’t help but think that there is so much more the good lady can do. Sorry, I mean that there is so much more the people behind Savita Bhabhi can do to increase the conversion rate of the movie’s website and landing pages.

Being quick on doling out arm-chair advice, here are a few A/B tests Deshmukh and his team should consider running, if they haven’t already.

Better contrast on the homepage

Contrast helps visitors distinguish between different objects on a page. It seems to me as if there isn’t enough contrast between the images of Bhabhi, the dudes standing next to her and the big logo (the only saving grace is that the logo is outlined in thick black). Here’s an image to explain.savita 4

I’d recommend running a test with the Bhabhi in stronger colors to differentiate her from the men and make her more prominent, since she’s the star of the show.

savita 3or

savita 2

Focus the homepage on one primary goal

All pages on the web have a goal. eCommerce stores want people to place orders, SaaS products want visitors to sign up for free or paid trials, and personal blogs serve an ego goal for the blog owner. What is the primary goal of the Savita Bhabhi movie website? Most obvious guess is to make visitors buy movie tickets. In that case, an A/B test they should try is to keep only one Call To Action (CTA) button on the homepage with a stronger color, something like this.savita 7

“Why?” I hear you asking. Well, let me make it clear for you. CTAs remove barriers and make it obvious for the visitors what they should do next. In this case, the button is supposed to move visitors to the sales page. As you’ll see in the image below, the CTA button is clear even in the smallest image.savita 6

Make the social proof more prominent

A large social following has shown to increase the trust that visitors place in a page’s offering, resulting in increased conversion rates and sales. In fact, hiding social proof even leads to reduced conversions (Pair app saw a 34% reduction when they removed social sharing buttons). On the Savita Bhabhi Movie website, the social proof yet is almost hidden. A couple of interesting A/B tests would be to

  1. make the social numbers more prominent on the homepage, and
  2. and also on the email newsletter sign up pagesavita 5

A/B tests to try on the newsletter landing page

The “keep up with Savita Bhabhi movie” newsletter squeeze page is an A/B testing enthusiast’s playground. Using this post on landing page best practices as reference, here are a few tests to try.

  1. The backdrop is incorrectly aligned on my screen size of 1366×768. That could mean the effect of the eyes looking towards the CTA is being diluted for many visitors, leading to lost conversions.
  2. Contrasted colors on the good lady
  3. Larger headline, call to action button and call to action text
  4. Social proof moved up near the CTA button to serve as a reassurance that yes, a lot of people are interested in this.savita 1

All in all, there’s a lot of optimization that can happen on the movie website. With these test suggestions, I hope Deshmukh can make Savita Bhabhi even more popular than she already is. Also, if you have some testing ideas of your own, let’s discuss those in the comments.

About the Author: Siddharth Deswal works at Visual Website Optimizer, the A/B testing software from Wingify. He’s been involved with web development for about 8 years and helps online businesses from time to time. He tweets about A/B testing, landing pages and effective marketing tips on @wingify

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