A Barber taking the lead in mental health, where the entire institutions are falling!

Why this story
Marred by disturbing news of someone deciding to end their life, almost everyday; once a stigma of society, mental health has become a soul searching exercise for all of us. Are we healthy now does not only gets identified with physical well being but more so with the emotional and mental well being.

Every single institution in itself, be it families, workplaces, colleges,schools have failed miserably in helping to preserve to sanity of a human being. In today’s world full of cacophony and self-echo chambers of social media, we don’t want to hear anyone else talking differently, let alone speaking to someone and lending a shoulder to hang on. While all it needs for curing a temporarily emotional disturbed human being is a compassionate ear and some soothing words.
Tom, a barber in UK has started “Barber Talk” to educate barbers around the UK about mental health. In UK, suicide is single largest cause of death for men under the age of 45.

After a close friend took his own life, Tom founded ‘Barber Talk’, a bespoke mental health awareness and suicide prevention training programme for barbers. It helps barbers to spot the signs of depression and distress in their clients, and then guide them to places where they can get help. The service has been a real lifeline for people like Tom, who says it “revitalised his faith in humanity”.

What of this story?
What as an individual we can do to help others who might or might not be in such situation? The thumb rule is to be kind to everyone, because we never know what one might be going through. And if we sense something specific, we pause, drop everything and talk to the individual.

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