A Cool FMCG Product Aiming to Change Perceptions – Duroware TongueCare [Update: Online Shipping Starts]

Update: We got a lot of queries about when this product would be in the market. I am sure folks at Duroware must have been busy with loads of calls…

Update: We got a lot of queries about when this product would be in the market. I am sure folks at Duroware must have been busy with loads of calls too. They sent us a testimonial and they claimed that their pageviews doubled and so did B2B calls. In fact they received close to 150 calls inquiring about the product. The biggest development – they are now selling online! You can get this product through SnapItToday and they also have Free Shipping, conditions applied of course. Also, read what Duroware had to say in their testimonial to us.


Ever had to deal with bad breath? I am sure many have. Did you ever spend time choosing a good mouth care product? No, right? Well, it is a common belief that brushing well can help solve the issue of bad breath, but the fact is that 80% of bad breath is caused by an unclean tongue. We have been seeing tremendous advancements in the way toothbrushes are designed but why is there no focus on tongue cleaners. We still mostly have the traditional or conventional metal tongue cleaners, some now available in good looking plastic too, but there hasn’t been any significant design change. This is where enters Srinivas Kumar K S, founder of Wizardry Designs. Their product is called Duroware TongueCare, aptly named because they claim, “It cares for the tongue, unlike other tongue cleaners which are basically scrapers”.

The moment you look at it, you can see that there has been a significant amount of design thought that has gone into it. We had a few of these at Pi Office and I have been using this for more than a week now. And you know what, these guys actually managed to get rid of my perception. I always thought there can be nothing done about tongue cleaners, I mean who would sit and innovate on a tongue cleaner. But this is where innovation in design comes into play. As an entrepreneur I am sure it is a great feeling when you actually hold a product in your hand that you have designed, manufactured and are looking to market such that it reaches the common household.


They have three different prices based on packaging. The cheapest comes at Rs 10 which is packed in a simple sealed wrapper, mostly aimed at rural markets. The next is priced at Rs 15, which comes in a packaging similar to toothbrushes. The backside board is made of recycled paper so they have been careful to keep the product eco-friendly as well. The next packing is the one shown in the image. It is priced at Rs 20 and comes in a nicely designed box. They sent us these, which are priced at Rs 15.

Comes in Eco-friendly Packaging

They have got the design patented as well. All colors used are food based colors and the material used in building is also a food grade material called “SAN”. They plan to launch the product this month and I’ll be looking forward to collecting reviews from users. It is always interesting to witness start-ups that take the big plunge and get into product manufacturing. It will be interesting to see their marketing initiatives and how they plan to reach the local “Kirana” stores.

Meanwhile you can check out Duroware’s Facebook page and stay updated about the product. Do have a look around and share your comments on what you think about this product.

We also spoke to Srinivas about his entrepreneurial journey and how he got the idea to start off with something as simple and uncared for as a tongue cleaner. He speaks to us candidly how he suddenly took the plunge and started manufacturing this. What is interesting is they never considered their investment costs while pricing the product! This and much more, in his video interview at Pluggd.in TV!


My Personal User Review

On the usability part, I had a good experience. The first couple of times did feel a little weird, basically because of the perception we have. Subsequently I did get used to it.
As far as the design part is concerned, I kind of find it difficult to grip probably because my hands are a little bigger, so I am quite unable to hold it where the grip has been provided. I tend to hold it a little lower and in that case it doesn’t feel very firm.
As far as cleaning is concerned, which is the most important part, for the first 2 days I actually did not feel any different, but I guess after regular usage I can see quite an improvement in this department. It seems it just keep getting better each day. I have a small problem of reaching a little deeper though, it tends to gag you a little earlier than traditional tongue cleaners probably because of the greater surface area.

There are only four colors available as of now and not much to choose really. I hope they do come out with more soon. Overall, I like the product, and I am using it regularly. Its mostly the perception that seems to be the challenge. As you get used to it you seem to like it even more, and its taking me much lesser time now as well.

Update: Duroware has received India Design Mark Certificate (pic).

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