A Day in Life of a Sales Manager Working for a Group Buying/Deals Startup

[Editorial notes: This is a guest article contributed by a Pluggd.in reader, who was earlier working in sales team of a group buying portal.]

10 :00 am – Open snapdeal , dealsandyou , mydala , crazeal , and many other groupon clones to get to know which merchant is giving the deal .
11:00 am– Open Justdial or Zomato; find the numbers of the merchants of those who have given the deal. Pitch them false sales numbers , and schedule a meeting .
2:00 pm – Finish a meeting. Got a deal with a restaurant (40% discount!), with all your toiling , hard work , false pitch , inflated numbers of vouchers selling , free advertising sh*t , free brand promotion and blah blah blah .After that you make a call to your reporting officer , who says “NO! Get a bigger discount”; and you are in the same vicious circle.

Rocket Singh Salesman of the year This was my life from Jan 2011 – Oct 2011 , when I was an Assistant Sales Manager for a Hyderabad based start-up , which was one of the group buying portals . And this is still the story of many more guys working for deal sites in India. My major concern is except Snapdeal , no one is really looking from the merchants POV.

My Reporting officer, a guy from Chennai , who was given the role to handle Delhi sales team had no clue how smart and clever Delhi merchants are. He used to harass me for getting lower discounts; and when he came to Delhi , he was not able to crack a single Delhi merchant!

But what happened had happened. And yes I was thrown out from the office , saying I am noncompetitive.

But I wana tell you a secret.

I had stopped working for them!

Because I had realized the more I will get into this trap , the more I am taking my career graph down south .

So all those who are working (and following the same routine), make sure you get huge discounts, or else…start looking somewhere else.

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