A Google a Day makes you (and Google) Smarter Everyday

Sometimes when you are bored, the Google doodle with all its creativity and funk can just put a smile on your face. Google is known to do things differently, and they have done it again! A new game that will surely interest the puzzle cracking kid that lives in all of us. As kids we were taught to not cheat while solving puzzles, but Google says using it’s search engine is not cheating, in fact it is one of the most fun things to do!

In collaboration with the New York Times, Google has launched a trivia based game a Google a day, clues are given as to what the answer is and you can find the answer using some pretty interesting and creative searches. The answers to the riddle will be revealed on the next day.agoogleaday

You know what I think of this? You may think I’m a little paranoid, but this sort of a project would be ideal to study the searching patterns followed by most people online. To me it sounds like a mass experiment in which people participate without even knowing it. You have a slight idea of what you are looking for but don’t exactly know what it is, so you do a Google search.

Sound familiar to your everyday search on the Internet ? Except the only difference is that Google already knows what you are looking for, putting them in perfect position to study how you search for what you are looking for. Plus we all know that Google records all our searches “ to improve customized search results” . Looks like a Google a day can not only make you but also Google smarter everyday!

What do you think about this ?

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