A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Ahmedabad Finalists

After the recent announcement of finalists from Vizag, IBM GEP SmartCamp has chosen four more finalists from Ahmedabad.

Following are the details of the finalists from Ahmedabad:

Helping buyers of construction materials discover prices and sellers using online reverse auction and data analytics. [http://www.econstructionmart.com]

NKonnect Infoway Pvt Ltd.
We solve FMCG company pain points. Our solutions comprise three systems, vehicle tracking system, order processing or sales tracking system & customer relationship management system.
Single login for all three kinds of activities like:
1) Vehicle tracking system 2) Order processing or sales management system3) Customer relationship management
Company Dealer distributor can place order from online as well as mobile application that directly reflect to company ERP or accounting software.
Along with order processing system, dealer can monitor & track their goods in transit. View driver name, photo, contact number & get idea about tentative time to reach.
User can easily log complain & resolve it with call-centre operator. Admin or company have voice recording of conversation along with caller-id & date-time stamp.

OneHop delivers a Mobile Virtual Store for small, local business owners who can automatically reach out to their friends, family, loyal and new customer through OneHop platform. Shoppers can buy from a local, trusted brand by inviting their friends and family in their virtual buying decision. OneHop makes it extremely easy and fast to create a virtual store on our platform. Typical store owner does not know how to build a mobile app, market to mobile customers and does not have data analysis/insight into customer buying pattern. The platform makes it extremely easy to look at general macro trends, analytics and big data analytics around trends/buying pattern.

Remedy Social
Organizations make limited investments in their employee health. This is due to multiple reasons including cost, lack of awareness, prioritization, and lack of transparency around the return on investment. We have developed a health risk assessment platform that helps organizations have their employees take a short online risk assessment, to get a snapshot of their health, and then based on the aggregated report of their health we help them make an informed decision regarding their healthcare related investments. We can help them use this platform and also track year-on-year improvement in health.

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