A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Delhi City Winners [Enterprise Startups]


A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Delhi City Winners [Enterprise Startups]

IBM GEP SmartCamp announces 16 promising enterprise startups as the final winners for their Delhi City Finals.

SmartCamp provides a platform for B2B startups to showcase their product/service before a panel comprising of VC’s, Directors, and entrepreneurs. Their regional rounds will see startups to showcasing their solutions before CIOs and a larger audience as well. Additionally, the competition also offers a grand bouquet of prizes for the top 30 and top 10 winners.

Here is the list of Winners from Delhi City:

ShepHertz App42 Platform is a cloud ecosystem for building OmniChannel Apps & to manage and leverage actionable BigData generated by Apps.


SalesPands has built a solution for Digital Marketing Automation. Their Solution helps companies automate a large part of Digital marketing like website engagement /lead conversion, content creation, SEO suggestions, social sharing, email marketing and content management/blogging. Businesses can use the product with one single resource without any technical know-how. In addition we provide point services like content writing, ad placement, advanced SEO to SalesPanda customers.

In the long run, we intend to run SalesPanda like a SaaS software with value added services (called SalesPanda plus) delivered by outsourced empanelled vendors. We already have a pool of 20 digital marketing vendors delivering services for our existing clients profitably.


Sirion enables effective governance of complex services suppliers to drive improved supplier performance and reduced value leakage. Sirion simplifies the management of key suppliers by automating the full spectrum of contracts, performance, financial, risk and relationship management on a single, integrated platform.
Realbox Data Analytics Private Limited
We help businesses to get there business analyzed in real-time, raise trigger if the performance goes down. Create and manage customer profile and use, it to do targeted marketing, personalizing offers for each guest. Increase loyalty and repeat business while they track it hence giving a definite rise in the sales up to 20%. We hold a published patent in customer profiling and personalizing, customer experience.

SalezShark is an unique platform largely solving the problem of Sales reps and marketeers. Most of the systems are largely built around the management however we break the legacy and offer much more to the sales guys to help them grow their sales.

Phonon Communications Pvt Ltd

Our platform gives an instant call-back to a lead connecting the lead with the most relevant sales agent in a matter of minutes. We further track the source of the lead so that the context for the conversation is already in place. Through our Click-to-Call™ service, customers have seen:
• Over 100% increase in first contact rate (from sub 50% –> >95% connect rates)
• 150%+ increase in lead qualification rate (for the same medium as compared to when Click-to-Call was not used).
A Forrester Research study showed that for those using Click-to-Call™:
• Average order value increase: 23%
• 88% customers who used online call to action like Click-to-Call™ would have given up orders (Only 12% cannibalized) if not offered the service “We help enterprises leverage the moment of truth, getting in touch with the customers, right when the customers need them.”

SilverEdge Technology Pvt. Ltd
We bridge the gap between online and offline advertising techniques and understand what the customer wants and has to say. We are a technology marketing platform that does cross-device mapping solution that helps big brands to understand user behavior by mapping data points generated by multiple devices into a unique mapping id. SP provide Real Time TV Analytics and Mobile User Engagement, moving along from online to offline and vice versa along with the customer preferences.

SilverPush helps companies make better decisions faster, which helps them grow sales and market share at a global scale. We are the goto platform for brands to understand if their TV commercial made waves on social media and other platforms or not. Our clients do not wait until next sales cycle to know if their campaign worked, they know it when they want to know it.

We have designed a CRM/fleet manager systems built on top of Open Source CRM package and completely integrated that with android an app for billing & payment automation modernized our garage with RFID & IR scanning devices for automatic car entry into garage/service hub & auto allocation of bookings to vendors after quality check

Fringe TechLabs Pvt. Ltd.
Eradicating manual trip sheet for large corporates employee road transportation. On the spot invoicing/ automated billing at release of car, eradicating manual operations like booking, car dispatch, and tracking. Automated detailed MIS on daily basis
Since PerksMe is a digital way of distributing Perks & bonuses, it becomes very easy for an HR person to perform the entire action on a single click.

Gesture Research
Our product provides touch-less access to the systems saving the time/efforts required to gain physical access. Considering the above example scrub time during the surgery. which is 15-20 mins of a surgeon’s time during the surgery.

Proof Of Performance Data Services Pvt Ltd
PoP has three business units:
1. Compliance audit services are undertaken for brands like Star TV, BJP, Aircel, Telenor, etc. across 1500+ towns in India, using PoP’s ground force of associates using an Android App. The data is validated and reports are sent, that are relied upon by the brands while paying their advertising agencies.

2. PoP captures ratings, visibility index, demographic profiling of audience, driving patterns and traffic counts for various billboards and media assets. A competitive dashboard also gives the advertising expenditure across verticals. Other measurement projects are done for retail studies, audience measurement are also undertaken.

3. BookmyOOH is a B2B Ecommerce platform for the OOH Industry, which is used for Planning, Deploying, Auditng and Analyzing the OOH campaigns for Brands. It uses data analytics to produce data driven, programmatic campaign plans and do automated buying, using the wealth of data collected by the ground teams, which was high definition video of 30+ cities in India, by using vehicle mounted infrastructure. Over 50,000+ media asset, 750+ hrs of video & 12000 kms were covered in every month over two years. BookmyOOH algorithms use load balancing to issue flex printing orders, trigger logistics to pick and deliver across locations, use audit reports to settle payments in near real-time.

XLPAT TT Consultants Pvt Ltd

XLPAT uses big data techniques on technology databases to automate technology development, R&D functions and business analytics such as mergers, acquisition, technology licensing and patent searching. XLPAT uses API technology and is now the world’s biggest source of technical information. It is also the most intelligent compilation of technologies for Technology analytics. Our breakthrough technology is based upon Machine Learning, NLP techniques, linkages and is backed by about 70+ million documents with a collection of almost all of the issued patents and applications worldwide.

It further extracts its intelligence from technologies like IBM Watson, IBM AlchemyAPI, Carrot Search’s Lingo3G and knowledge from our years of experience in IPR. The company has recently tied up with LexisNexis and is now in a profit sharing engagement that combines our intelligence with data from Lexis. The platform has been developed in collaboration with IIT and ISB and has the potential to capitalize millions through automation and innovation.

Qustn Technologies Pvt Ltd
Using Qustn’s Capabiliti platform – a company can recruit, onboard, train, assess and more using a mobile first platform that can be taken live in 30 minutes flat. Our platform has been built to manage the various issues that typically impact any such initiatives that get rolled out in companies (and usually result in them not being successful), including managing data charges, ensuring that the system works even if there is limited internet connectivity, as well as ensuring complete drill down tracking – all available over a simple web based dashboard, using which the company can track, engage and do more with the users to ensure impact.

SignCatch Inc
SignCatch offers an integrated cloud based product-listing engine, which, with the help of web-services and relevant APIs, enables sharing product catalog across devices and sales platforms by simply checking boxes.
• One stop product/catalog management! • Advanced reporting • Single window order fulfillment • Pricing recommendations • Inventory reconciliation across channels • Synchronized promotions

Staqu Technologies
Automated Image Description,Visual Search and Visual Recommendation. You can’t describe everything in text for searching, therefore we are providing image to image search technology based on Deep learning based technologies.

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