A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Vizag Finalists [Enterprise Startups]

SmartCamp, a startup platform that features B2B startups from over 9 cities in India has announced three finalists from Vizag.

SmartCamps’ Bangalore regional round will be held on November 6th with the last date of application being November 2nd.

The Agenda and the assigned Judges are provided in the link below:

Following are the three chosen finalists from Vizag:

Siddha Development Research

“mEVM” leverages low cost android mobile phones to quickly capture data as well as the geographic location of the facilities. The mobile phones contain electronic forms that ensure data collection is quick, accurate, and transmit the data to a central server. Besides data on vital indicators, the system is capable of capturing the geographic location of the facilities as well as images to provide visual evidence of the practices followed and track improvements over time.

The data is then transmitted to a central server in real-time using mobile internet or through a Wi-Fi network where it is aggregated and analyzed. The resulting indicators are presented in the form of a dashboard. The dashboard presents the score across nine critical indicators including vaccine arrival, temperature control, storage capacity, infrastructure, maintenance, and stock management, distribution, and vaccine management and information systems. Users are able to view at the state or district aggregates as well as drill down to a particular facility to ascertain the status and track progress over a period of time.

Unihalt Services

Robust tools provided by our developers to make parent’s and teacher’s experience with Unihalt effortless. We prioritize on dynamic tools which would cut back on the strenuous activity of managing children. By analyzing the needs we have created platforms capable and competent enough to make parents and teachers feel confident about using our services. For Institutes: Unihalt brings security innovations on the table. Here at unihalt we help you take your institution one step closer towards better security and make your institution more impregnable and safe. We provide both software and hardware on which you can trust depend totally. For Tutors: Teachers can ask parents to have a close watch on their kids performance, so that they can keep tabs on child’s day by day growth and help in areas which he/she is facing trouble to compete. The option for video calling makes it easy for the busy working parent to be in touch with the teachers. For Parents: Now parent’s and child’s lives are brought even closer with unihalt. Unihalt gives you a quality experience which saves your everyday chore of “double checking whether your son or daughter has reached the institute safely or not”.

STECH ID Solutions

Stech ID solutions have a framework which interfaces with different sensors using technologies of  RFID, NFC, Biometric, GPS, RTLS to identify assets and people. We have built industry specific solutions using this framework for Manufacturing, Education institutes, Ports and Healthcare.

Example 1: We have implemented in a Heavy Engineering Industry, where we are managing, identifying and tracing their assets (on average value Rs. 10 lakhs to 10 crores). We have shortened the time of locating an asset to 30 mins from 2-3 days before our implementation. Before our implementation there were many instances where they were not able to locate their assets and this led to duplicate orders, which we eliminated.
Example 2: We have implemented NFC tag based student identification and attendance in Institutes. The Institute issues NFC based cards to students, which has their minimum credentials. The NFC based cards are used to Tap against a NFC reader based Tablet or a Phone, which in turn takes a snap and sends that to Administrator for tallying with the original photo that was submitted during the students admissions. Institutes are effectively using for taking paperless examination hall tickets and daily class attendance.

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