A Look at Pluggd.in Forum, a day after the launch [Hockey Stick Curve]

A hockey stick growth curve! But more than that, the quality of discussions has been immensely useful.
Pluggd.in Forum : Hockey Stick Traffic
Pluggd.in Forum : Hockey Stick Traffic

Since I have never really seen a hockey curve growth of any product in my life, I thought I will share this with everybody! : – )

Well, we announced the Pluggd.in forum yesterday and the quality of discussions have been simply amazing (thanks everybody). If you are sitting in the sidelines and wondering if this forum is good enough etc etc, here are a few discussions that you should be part of:

Trusting Startups as Vendors [Few Bad Case Studies]

Lesson learnt – Pivoting is an easy excuse and as far as I am concerned, I “will” treat startups as ‘just another vendors’ and will still sign SLAs/exit clause while we decide on the partnership.

Where are you hosted? And how much are you paying?

If you are running a webapp/content business, do share where are you hosted and how much are you paying for the services? Am specifically interested in companies serving more than a million pageviews/month.

Which Email Marketing solutions are most popular among Indian web startups/heavyweights?

Also, are there any Indian email marketing services which offers an API similar to Mailchimp for sending emails from within the application.

mobile site hosting

what is the most easy and cheapest way to host a mobile website.., can we use google apps to host a mobile site.?

2012 predictions for entrepreneurs?

Looking at 2012, or rather the next couple of years, which would in your opinion be some evolving trends in online business that entrepreneurs should look out for. There are plenty of opinions out online, but majority are about those markets where social has already started to mature into a more process driven approach.

Web Hosting – Myths and Doubts !

Till now we have hosted the site on GoDaddy Shared Plan (which really sucks.) As we are planning to launch the site by Jan, we are figuring out a reliable and cost-effective web hosting. As a startup, we are bootstrapping . so can’t afford Amazon AWS or Linode or any other cloud hosting.

Also see:

The Best Ever Pitch Deck

Questions about your online shopping habits

Help them with insights if you have! Or ask/share/add to these discussions. In short, you cannot afford to ignore it. But also keep in mind that we are tracking discussions and have been deleting self-promos or we-are-hiring ads.

That is, keep the forum useful and awesome! And as we are talking, the team is adding/removing features based on their usage (we just added mechanism to add signature) and will keep experimenting with few features.

This is what we said as part of the launch post:

A place where we hope there will be good meaningful discussions, sharing of information, a meeting of people, minds and idea, and one which will end up being a very useful place for all those who are participants, drivers, investors and even consumers of technology and entrepreneurial efforts in India.
Its your place. To take forward, make useful and derive value from. You could just lurk, but it’ll stop being worth it soon. So engage, get engaged and hope you find lots of folks who’re fighting the same battles and ready to help.

So lets stick to it! Welcome to the Pluggd.in forum!

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