A mobile app khata to track ‘udhaari’

Addressing the need of the unorganized lending sector in India for a digital ledger is ‘Khata Business’ – a SAAS mobile app that offers unlimited database space, bill storage and analytics. It also offers an app for non-business users to manage their credit at local stores and retailers. With cash transactions seemingly on the decline and digital wallets on the rise, it will be interesting to see how this space plays out.


Udhaar or Len Den is a way of life for almost 70% of Indians. Most spend their lives juggling with these microloans. Yet there is no or little transparency in these loans.

Khata is a digital version of traditional Bahi Khata or a Hisab Kitab Diary or a Ledger Book. Today the Len Den/ Udhar Jama system is very unorganized. On our platform creditor and debtor would have access to the same copy of Bahi Khata and all the details relevant to each of them would be visible on the platform. We want to make the whole process reliable and safe for both creditor and debtor.


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