A Phone Concept: No Keypad, No Dialing [For Blue Collar Jobs]

No keypad phone isn’t a reference to N9, but a concept phone which is developed by Bangalore based Nan Rajan.image

The phone has no keypad and requires no knowledge of numbers, symbols or alphabets and requires no dialing/no knowledge of numbers/alphabets/symbols etc.

The phone is essentially targeted towards blue collar job services and enables them to find new opportunities (think of this as a self-service version of babajobs). The ‘Illiterate Phone’ is a 1-button phone and supports Voice messaging (Illiterate to illiterate calls).

Nan Rajan is still working on the prototype and here is a video that demonstrates the phone capabilities.

Pretty basic, right? But a bit of packaging and improvement on form factor could just add to the magic. What’s your take?