A private DNA wallet – made possible via Blockchain

Anonymity and privacy have been two major challenges impeding test, treatment, diagnosis, research and processing of the genetic kind. But maybe those deterrents are going to get treated smartly with the help of DNA wallets that are impressively non-identifying and yet, endowed with speed and data.
DNAtix is one such effort – ushering in a DNA collection kit, wherein the 'wallet' created for a user is connected through a code and then DNAtix doesn’t know who the user is. It explains – When the sequence of your DNA reaches the system, it knows to put the data into your wallet so your DNA is fully private and you remain anonymous.
Now that is something.
And all the more intriguing because most scientists either contend that it’s impossible to guarantee that genetic information can be kept anonymous (DNA is after all, DNA – highly unique) and others want identifying-information to add more context to data.
Nevertheless, once someone can feel confident in sharing their genetic information, the rest is often a downhill task. Hacking, crime-framing, identity theft, ethnic tagging, and discrimination are just some of the reasons that keep people away from sharing too much.
Plus, use of anonymous DNA, stored on the DNAtix infrastructure, can be easily done to create tests, do research and design new treatments and that will also help to create new paths for new treatments, and cutting-edge personalized and preventive medicine.
Another start-up Nebula Genomics from Harvard professor George Church has also been in the foray of changing how people buy and sell their DNA sequence.

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