A R Rahman Wins Grammy Awards for Slumdog Millionaire – [Product Packaging Lesson for Entrepreneurs]

By now, you must have got to know about A R Rahman’s awards spree – for your info, he has won two Grammy awards for Slumdog Millionaire (SM) music.

A R_Rahman Wins Grammy Awards
AR_Rahman Wins Grammy Awards

Mozart of Madras has already won a Golden Globe and two Academy awards earlier for SM music and won the Grammy awards under “Best Compilation Soundtrack” and “Best Song” categories.

This article is not about Rahman’s musical talent, but why product packaging is such an important factor in one’s success.

Answer this : Was SM’s music really the best of A R Rahman? Anybody who has been listening to Rahman’s music will surely argue that the hype around music wasn’t justified and Rahman has produced much better music than Slumdog Millionaire.

So why get awarded for something that wasn’t the best of one’s ability? Why not bring the better compositions to jury’s table and have them judge for themselves?


Because talent/product needs to be packaged in a way that it appeals to the mass, to the ‘people who matter’ (hey geeks! and you thought marketing is boring?). And that’s what SM did perfectly.

Be it the story or the marketing push around the movie, or the lobbying that one needs to do, they walked the ‘extra’ mile where it’s not just one’s talent, but something morethat makes the cut (is it right to say that talent is just 20% of the entire deal?)

What’s the lesson for Entrepreneurs?

As I said earlier, Product vs Business (Running a Startup is Sexy, Building Business is Boring. You Decide) are completely different beast and having a great product doesn’t translate to great business (by the way, is it true the other way round? i.e. do you really need a great product for great business?).

Moreover, Product Packaging is what makes the cut between an average product and a great kickass solution – Rahman has produced much better music than SM, but ‘Jai Ho’ being part of a better package (i.e. a well marketed movie) stands a much better chance than a better music being part of a mediocre movie.

So build a better packaged solution that just a good product.

What do you think?

And for your eyes – Jai Ho.

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