a2zApplications : SaaS Platform for Indian SMBs

Started by ex-salesforce.com employee, a2zApplications is  a Multi-Tenant, Multi-Utility Business Software Platform catering to Indian SMB market.

The a2zapplication platform enables SMBs to build applications like Sales Management/Marketing Management, To-Do/Activity Management, HR, Issue tracker, Asset, Project tracker etc apps using the APIs.

SaaS is picking up bigtime in India and is expected to to reach $165 million by 2010, according to Springboard Research.

Apart from lower TCO, one of the key drivers of SaaS uptake in India is ease of use and minimal effort involved in management of apps.

Given Indian companies’ lower development/marketing cost, Salesforce will face a strong competition in the coming few days (their CRM app is priced ~1.5L per user/per year!) – a2zapplication’s app is available for Rs. 600/month ( Individual Edition) and Rs. 2,500 / 5 users / month (Team Edition).

The Indian SaaS companies still do not offer the entire CTI integration or integration with other apps like SAP, Oracle etc – but given the infancy of this market, there surely is a place to stay simple and not build unusable features.

As far as SMB investment in India is concerned, the total IT spend of Indian SMBs is expected to touch $10 billion this year, of which $1.1 billion is expected to be spent on IT services alone [ET]

What’s your take on a2zApplcations?

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