Aadhaar ‘Compulsory’ For Startup Registration, Says Modi Govt

It is now ‘compulsory’ for any entrepreneur to submit his or her Aadhaar number in order register a new business. The move comes after the SC recently passed an order which states that the ‘Aadhar can be used voluntarily for a few social welfare schemes’.

The directions don’t end there; startups will not be allowed to fill the newly introduced online forms for registering new enterprises unless the Aadhaar credentials are validated online.

“The Supreme Court has been crystal clear on the Aadhaar number being voluntary for now,” said Supreme Court lawyer Pavan Duggal.

“So this would be a violation of the apex court’s order and could be a fit case for contempt of court. This would also infringe on citizens’ right to equality, as it would discriminate against people who don’t have Aadhaar numbers yet,” Duggal added. [Source]

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