Government of India Has Issued 56 Crore Aadhaar Numbers So Far

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued 56 crore Aadhaar numbers across the country.
Aadhar Project
Aadhar/ UID Project

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued 56 crore Aadhaar numbers across the country said an official report.

The figure is close to UIDAI’s target of Aadhaar coverage to 60 crore people by 2014. The UIDAI claims to be generating 13-14 lakh new Aadhaar numbers every day and 3 crore Aadhaar numbers a month.

The enrolment records, demographics and photographs of Aadhaar card holders are stored in the Aadhaar database and the report claims that the UIDAI currently has the capacity to process 15-16 lakh of these enrolment packages everyday.

Adhaar Numbers

A flagship program of the Government, pilot projects being implemented using Aadhaar include the distribution of old age pension in Tripura, public distribution system in Andhra Pradesh and LPG subsidies in Karnataka among others. According to reports, the IT department also issued a notification that allows Aadhaar numbers to be used as proof of identity and permanent address for applying for a PAN.

Recently the Parliamentary Affairs minister had created a controversy when he had stated that the Aadhaar number was not needed to avail Government subsidies.

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