This is what I feel about Aadhaar…

Aadhaar and privacy?
Aadhaar and privacy?
You are being watched but you aren’t supposed to feel bad about it.

  1. It is voluntary to opt for aadhar. Yes, in some cases the government is making it mandatory but those cases are very few.
    Aadhar is a great innovation. It should not be demeaned but praised. I was able to open my bank account, get a new sim card and authenticate myself instantly by OTP and fingerprint check. IDs can be easily forged which was the case with anti social elements. With aadhar, you cannot forge the finger prints or iris.

  2. “It is voluntary to opt for aadhar” – with everything being linked to Aadhaar (including school admission) – it has become mandatory.
    I agree that it has simplified (and will simplify) many processes…but government will now know everything about you. And they can cut off without any prior notice (look at finance bill)

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